Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Definitely in My Top 10 Favorite Books

599 pages in, at a guess, size 6 font made this book look like a scary history book that I definitely would not call holiday reading. However, half a dozen pages in and I was hooked! Exodus is a novel about possibly the most dramatic geopolitical event of the 20th Century, the establishment of the State of Israel. It all begins when Ari Ben Canaan, the heartthrob of the book, plans to transport Holocaust refugees from a detention camp in Cyprus to Palestine and follows right through until the establishment. Not only does this book tell of the courageous story of those individuals that fought for the state but it delves into their personal lives and their relationships with each other. There is the relationship of Father and Son, of 2 brothers who are fighting for the same thing but have a very different attitude of the method to be used, of lovers and of the friendship between the nurse and the children from the camp.
A gripping story where everyone is fighting for not only their lives but also their dreams.

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